Montana adopts new science standards

The Montana Board of Public Education adopted new science standards for public school students Friday at a meeting in Bozeman. The standards have benchmarks for what students are supposed to learn at certain grade levels. They don’t dictate how teachers get students there, as local districts have control over their curriculum. The new guidelines resemble… Read more »

St. Vincent de Paul School embraces new science standards

The Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City implemented the Next Generation Science Standards in all Utah Catholic Schools this year. These new standards explore content at a deeper level, provide more hands-on science experiments, and include practices scientists use in the field. Click here to read the full story in Intermountain Catholic (September 2, 2016)

Here’s What We Know About the Next Generation Science Standards Tests

Education Week’s Liana Heitin reports that many states plan to start testing students on Next Generation Science Standards in the spring of 2018. She writes that last week, the American Institutes for Research, a research and evaluation nonprofit that is contracting with some states to design and implement NGSS tests, brought together psychometricians, science education experts,… Read more »

New standards teach Montana students to work like scientists

Guest Opinion by Linda Rost (Billings Gazette) Montana is adopting new science standards. Our new science standards, for which I served as one of the writers, are currently open for public comment and review. The Next Generation Science Standards were written in 2013 by teams of teachers and scientists from 26 lead states, including Montana…. Read more »

New Science Assessments in Delaware

Delaware will lead the nation in changing the way students are assessed in science. Delaware adopted the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) as the state’s science content standards in October 2013. As the state eyes a new science assessment, educators are using this as an opportunity to revamp how the state measures students’ science mastery…. Read more »

Changes in La Jolla Schools Focus on Science

La Jolla Elementary, Bird Rock Elementary, Torrey Pines Elementary, Muirlands Middle and La Jolla High schools are bringing something novel to their campuses this year, including new faculty and staff, building improvements and/or the roll out of Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). As part of a national shift in science education, the Next Generation Science… Read more »

NGSS Begins Releasing Sample Science Standard Bundles

The organization behind the Next Generation Science Standards has begun releasing sample “bundles” of standards to help people move away from thinking that the standards are supposed to be taught as a checklist. The bundles are intended to help teachers and curriculum developers understand how they might implement the science standards or student “performance expectations”… Read more »

New science standards urge shift from ‘learning about’ to ‘figuring out’

Next Gen Science Standards, adopted by 16 states and counting, make students think like scientists In at least 16 states, science education is undergoing a serious transformation. The key is three-dimensional teaching and learning, and even districts in states that have not adopted the Next Generation Science Standards may want to consider the shift. An… Read more »