Why teachers embrace Kentucky science standards

Tricia Shelton, a science teacher and teacher leader with 20 years’ experience, writes about the widespread support for science standards in Kentucky. Tricia is a 2014 NSTA Distinguished Teaching Award winner for her contributions to and demonstrated excellence in science teaching. “As a science educator for more than 20 years, I have seen countless new initiatives… Read more »

Congratulations to CT and MI for Adopting the NGSS

Connecticut and Michigan are the most recent states to officially adopt the Next Generation Science Standards, joining AR, CA, DE, IA, IL, KS, KY, MD, NJ, NV, OR, RI, VT, WA and the District of Columbia. The Connecticut vote occured on Nov. 5 and the Michigan vote came on Nov. 10. Click here to read a press release issued by Dianna Wentzell, Connecticut State… Read more »

Schools with Advanced Science Students Get Accelerated Pathways Advice

The NGSS Accelerated Pathways document released by Achieve, Inc., guides schools seeking to compress the timeframe in which science courses are taught. The intent is to serve high-achieving students seeking to tackle more advanced content earlier in their middle or high school careers. “The “NGSS Accelerated Pathways” document doesn’t offer curriculum. It focuses on three… Read more »

How NGSS Transforms Science Class with Hands-on Learning

eSchool News recently published a piece by Colorado science teacher, Pat Dickerson, on the Next Generation Science Standards. The piece is reposted from the blog. “Imagine 30 sixth-graders racing to your classroom every day, so excited about learning that they are willing to think critically and problem-solve for the next 49 minutes. This is my… Read more »

STEM and the Next Generation Science Standards in Warren

In New Jersey, educators and policymakers agree about the need for an increased focus on STEM education. The state is among 14 others, including the District of Columbia, that have adopted the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The state is planning to implement the new standards in grades 6-12 for the 2016-17 school year and for grades K-5… Read more »

Opinion from Vermont: Science Standards Boost Learning

Jennifer Stainton, the Science Department chairwoman, integrated environmental science teacher, and chemistry teacher at Woodstock Union High School, in Woodstock, VT, published an opinion piece in the Burlington Free Press  hailing the adoption of the Next Generation Science Standards in Vermont as a way to boost science learning. “When the Vermont State Board of Education adopted… Read more »

Next Generation Science Standards in Action: New Teacher Videos

Liana Heiten from Ed Week highlights new videos on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) released by the Teaching Channel in partnership with Achieve. The videos showcase classroom lessons aligned to the standards. One video shows a high school science teacher from Boone County, Ky., who has her students build Rube Goldberg machines to demonstrate energy… Read more »

Tennessee Reviews Science Standards

The Tennessee State Board of Education has launched a  website, to collect public feedback on Tennessee’s grade 3-12 science standards. The science standards, developed by a committee of Tennessee science educators throughout last year, set grade-specific goals that exemplify what students are expected to know and be able to do by the end of… Read more »

Alabama’s Science Standards Get A Makeover

According to National Public Radio, the Alabama Board of Education voted unanimously on Sept. 10 to replace old K-12 science standards for the first time in a decade. Ryan Reardon, a teacher at Jefferson County International Baccalaureate, and other science educators say Alabama’s old standards were dated and thin on evolution. The new standards call it “established scientific… Read more »

Stephen Pruitt Likely to be Kentucky’s Commissioner of Education

On Friday, Sept. 4, that the Kentucky Board of Education announced that Stephen Pruitt, senior vice president at Achieve Inc., will likely be the state’s next commissioner of education, pending the outcome of a background check, a vote by the board and successful contract negotiations. “Dr. Pruitt is very excited for the opportunity and has indicated… Read more »