New standards turn students into scientists

The San Diego Union Tribune examines the work in San Diego to work towards new science standards. “Students will act as scientists under a new set of science education guidelines that emphasize asking questions and solving problems, and the state is seeking input on how that will shape classroom instruction. The draft framework for California schools… Read more »

Next Generation Science Standards: What Do Lessons Look Like?

Ed Week’s Liana Heiten writes about a recent Commentary by an assistant professor of elementary education at the College of New Jersey about the work to develop lessons that reflect three dimentioanal learning as recommended in the NGSS. Heiten notes “as of now, there’s little in the way of materials aligned to the NGSS, so most teachers are forced to… Read more »

Preparing Teachers for Next Generation Science Standards

Lauren Madden, an assistant professor of elementary education at the College of New Jersey, authors a commentary piece for Education Week on how she is preparing future science educators to use the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). “This integrated approach to science teaching and learning may seem unfamiliar, and it certainly requires a shift in planning and… Read more »

Louisiana to review science standards

Louisiana’s top school board has endorsed a review of science standards in its public schools. The benchmarks used today were crafted in 1997, and they are the third oldest in the nation. According to an article in The Advocate, a 31-member committee will oversee the revisions with the assistance of three subcommittees. Work sessions are set to start in August, including… Read more »

PBS NewsHour Features Next Generation Science Standards

The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) was the focus of a June 21 segment on the popular news program, PBS Newshour, which included insights from NSTA’s Executive Director David Evans. The program looked at how the NGSS is redefining instruction in science classrooms across the country. Reporter John Tulenko visited Campbell County in Wyoming. The county… Read more »

Science standards development lacks rancor of the past 

No heated debates or controversies about climate change have overshadowed the development of Wyoming’s K-12 science standards this year, which appear months away from adoption. The language on climate change is not vastly different from the Next Generation Science Standards that caused a political storm two years ago. But the process for developing the standards… Read more »

Caldwell-West Caldwell to Institute New Science Standards

WEST CALDWELL, NJ – Introducing new standards for the upcoming Caldwell-West Caldwell school year, science teachers in the middle and high school levels gave a presentation to the Caldwell-West Caldwell Board of Education (CWC BOE) at its public meeting on June 6. The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) will be implemented in grades 6-12 next year, and K-5 the following… Read more »

‘Next Generation’ or not, science standards coming to WV schools

For all the controversy involving the West Virginia Board of Education and the Legislature over the state’s adoption of Next Generation Science Standards, which will take effect statewide next school year, the National Science Teachers Association doesn’t recognize that West Virginia actually adopted them. NSTA Executive Director David Evans said not labeling West Virginia a… Read more »

Wyoming SBOE Approves New Science Standards

The Wyoming State Board of Education gave the green light to promulgate new draft science standards aimed at ensuring students are well-prepared while keeping politics out of science classrooms. The standards review committee worked through different sets of standards, including those previously existing in Wyoming and in other states, line by line to come up with an… Read more »

New science test coming in 2018 for Oregon

Oregon has new science standards and plans to roll out a new science test in 2018. The Next Generation Science Standards were developed by 26 states, and 18 have signed on to use them. They were adopted in Oregon in 2014 and are being phased in now. Just as important as content are methods of scientific… Read more »