Will new standards improve elementary science education?

Science could be considered the perfect elementary school subject. It provides real life applications for reading and math and develops critical thinking skills that help students solve problems in other subjects. Plus, it’s interesting. It helps answer all those “why” questions — Why is the sun hot? Why do fish swim? Why are some people… Read more »

Bridging the STEM Skills Gap Involves Both Education and Industry Commitments

Rebecca Ellis, a staff writer for STEM Education Works, explores how the workforce of tomorrow requires a strong STEM foundation today. She showcases the work in the automotive industry stating, “robots have become common, performing risky or repetitive tasks and improving the production line. By 2019, there will be approximately 2.6 million industrial robots in… Read more »

Educators Scramble for Texts to Match Science Standards

Five years after the NGSS rolled out, districts are sorting through a nascent, untested curriculum landscape that’s full of murky claims—leaving both students and teachers in a tough spot as they try to put standards into action. The challenge is accelerating, even as two developments promise to shake up the marketplace this fall. California, an… Read more »

Transforming Science Education in San Francisco

Janet Carlson, Associate Professor and Director of the Center to Support Excellence in Teaching at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Education writes in Ed Week’s blog, Urban Education Reform: Bridging Research and Practice. The post is written from the researcher perspective. Later this week, Ed Week will share the practitioner’s perspective on this research. Why this Research? Five years ago,… Read more »

Evolution is and ‘will remain’ part of Arizona’s science curriculum, Ducey says

When it comes to teaching science in Arizona, Gov. Doug Ducey is apparently on a different page than School Superintendent Diane Douglas. Ducey said evolution should stay a part of the state’s science curriculum, while creationism should remain out of science class. “Evolution is part of the curriculum and will remain part of the curriculum,”… Read more »

Arizona Science Educators Raise Alarms about Revised K-12 Standards

  If you think back to your grade school science classes and Schoolhouse Rock episodes, you might remember memorizing a lot of vocabulary words. But science is more than words. It’s about wonder, curiosity and experimentation. The new Arizona Science Standards are meant to encourage a messy, hands-on approach to science. The Department of Education’s… Read more »

Hart School District (Calif.) Eyes Updated Science Curriculum

Amidst grumblings from Santa Clarita Valley (Calif.) teachers who say they lack proper educational materials, the Hart Union High School District is sharing an update on the overhaul of its science curriculum Wednesday. The William S. Hart Union High School District is expected to look at classroom support at Wednesday’s meeting of the Governing Board… Read more »

School board honors student arts — and gets a science lesson

“It’s exciting to go into a classroom and see students not sitting in a row — but working together in groups, even sitting on the floor,” said Roseanne Haughton, K-5 science coordinator, at the Monroe Board of Education’s April 17 meeting. “It’s science … and it’s messy.” Haughton was giving the Monroe Board of Education… Read more »

Kentucky Education Commissioner Stephen Pruitt Resigns Under Pressure

Stephen Pruitt, a former chemistry teacher and a long-time champion of the science education community known for his outgoing personality and tireless work on NGSS adoption and implementation, was forced to resign his post on April 17. Check out the following news clips: EdWeek, April 18, 2018; Courier Journal, April 17, 2018