New Mexico Science Standards

New Mexico science educators, scientists, business leaders, and community members continue the fight to ensure the full science content of the NGSS is adopted without removal of select key science topics, including climate change. Here are recent news clips about the issue: NM Rally Protests “Dumbing Down” of Science Education (Public News Service, Oct. 19,… Read more »

Science standards meeting fills state hearing room

Hundreds appeared Monday in Santa Fe for the single public hearing scheduled to comment on controversial science standards proposed by the state’s Public Education Department. Two Los Alamos schools officials, Superintendent Kurt Steinhaus and board member Andrea Cunningham, had signed up to speak, but due to a lengthy interruption from a false fire alarm and… Read more »

The next generation of science education means more doing

Five groups of high school students worked around tables in Vielca Anglin’s science classroom on a recent afternoon at City-As-School in New York City. They had half-liter water bottles in front of them and a range of materials including pebbles, soil, rice, marbles, scouring pads and gauze. Their task: create a gravity-driven water filtration system… Read more »

Science lessons cook up collaboration

Vincent Matthews, superintendent of the San Francisco Unified School District, explores what’s starting to happen as they change how they teach science. A VERY DIFFERENT WORLD We already know that if our students are to thrive in the global economy and be eligible for jobs in the ever-expanding field of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)… Read more »

They Were Really Worried About Creationists and the Oil Companies

New Mexico’s top education official is misleading the public about how his agency crafted a series of controversial changes to the state’s science standards, according to a former state employee who worked on the standards and later quit in protest. Last month, as Mother Jones first reported, the state’s public education agency released a plan… Read more »

NSTA Encourages New Mexico PED to Reject Changes to Draft Science Standards

The New Mexico Public Education Department (PED) recently released draft K-12 STEM-ready science standards. While the draft standards are based heavily on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), select changes made to many of the performance expectations do not reflect the intent of the official NGSS document or the Framework for K-12 Science Education. These changes… Read more »

“WHOSE SCIENCE? Critics say proposed NM science standards omit evolution, climate change”

New Mexico’s Public Education Department unveiled proposed teaching standards this week that critics say would omit references to evolution, rising global temperatures and the age of Earth from the state’s science curriculum. The standards are based on a science curriculum called the Next Generation Science Standards proposed in 2013 by a consortium of 26 states…. Read more »

Social media helps students learn scientific argumentation

  Social media can not only be a way to teach students elements of the scientific process, but those who took part in a program to learn scientific argumentation through social media learned the components of argumentation better than their peers who did not, according to a University of Kansas study. University of Kansas researchers… Read more »

California gets waiver from administering old science tests, but only for last year

In a partial victory for California, the U.S. Department of Education has granted the state a retroactive waiver from administering outdated science tests, instead allowing it to give students pilot tests based on new science standards. But the department granted the waiver only for the just completed school year. It made it clear that the waiver… Read more »