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Panel in South Dakota defeats bill allowing alternative science theories

South Dakota lawmakers defeated a bill that would have allowed teachers to address strengths and weaknesses of scientific theories like evolution and climate change. The House Education Committee voted to send the bill to the 41st day, effectively killing the proposal, on an 11-4 vote. Opponents from the South Dakota Department of Education, various education advocacy… Read more »

New Data: New Science Standards Are Boosting Engineering in Schools

According to Change the Equation, efforts to make engineering part of the K-12 curriculum are beginning to pay off. Why? They indicate that the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) are succeeding in their aim to integrate engineering and technology into science classrooms. These standards debuted in April 2013, and eight states adopted them by the end of that year:… Read more »

NGSS Gets OER PD for Making Science Accessible

As teachers develop new, three-dimensional formative assessments aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), a new collaborative process is producing open educational resources (OER) to help them reach every student. The “Advancing Coherent and Equitable Systems of Science Education” (ACESSE, pronounced “access”) project is a is a partnership between the Council of State Science… Read more »

Louisiana to Consider New Standards for Teaching Science

According to Education Week, next month, Louisiana’s state board of elementary and secondary education is expected to vote on new science standards. A committee worked for six months to produce new standards for the state, which currently has some of the oldest science standards in the nation. The group voted nearly unanimously to approve the… Read more »

Wisconsin Seeking Public Input on Science Standards

According to the Milwaukee Courier, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction is seeking public input to start the review process for academic standards in information and technology literacy, music, and science. The current science standards are the “Wisconsin Model Academic Standards for Science,” adopted in 1998. Most Wisconsin school districts have adopted or are using… Read more »

What I Know Now: Anchoring Phenomena in NGSS

In a blog post for the Teaching Channel NGSS@NSTA curator Kathy Renfrew writes about anchoring phenomena. Phenomena can be the special ingredient that brings both intrigue and relevance to an otherwise ordinary lesson. It’s no surprise anchoring phenomena has become a part of the conversation whenever educators discuss NGSS science instruction. This is exciting because anchoring… Read more »

California renews push to promote environmental literacy in schools

According to Ed Source environmental education in California got another big push last November when the State Board of Education approved integrating five key environmental principles into the new science frameworks last November. The frameworks provide a blueprint for introducing the Next Generation Science Standards, which the state adopted in 2013, and are gradually being introduced… Read more »

New Mexico House Ed Committee Passes Bill to Adopt NGSS

House Bill 211, requiring the Public Education Department to adopt the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) for New Mexico schools, has passed the House Education Committee. NGSS standards establish a framework that incorporates the application of technology and engineering in addition to science and mathematics. Sponsored by Rep. Andres Romero (D-Albuquerque) and Rep. Bill McCamley… Read more »

Lawmakers strip climate change references from new Idaho K-12 science standards

The Associated Press reports that an Idaho House panel has approved new K-12 science standards, but only after striking key references to climate change caused by human behavior. This is the third year the Idaho Legislature has struggled to agree on science standards for public schools. Previous efforts that included references to global warming and… Read more »

NY’s science standards energize learning, teacher says

In response to a community commentary published on Dec. 25 in The Journal News (, New York State teacher Kottie Christie-Blick writes about her appreciation of the Next Generation Science Standards. “As an elementary teacher, I appreciate having the Next Generation Science Standards. They are well thought out guidelines for creating a scientifically literate population. The standards… Read more »