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Proposed new state science standards focus on ‘thinking like a scientist’

A draft of the newest version of the state’s science standards — a document that spells out what every Nebraska student should learn from kindergarten through high school — focuses on inquiry and thinking skills as much as scientific concepts. “We’re promoting higher-level thinking through the standards,” said Sara Cooper, the Nebraska Department of Education’s… Read more »

Eugene district students to receive more science instruction, new course materials

High school students’ science quotient could rise because the Eugene School District soon will receive new science curriculum materials following a unanimous school board vote adopting the new coursework Monday. It’s been more than a decade since the district has upgraded its science curricula at all grades, district documents show. Materials included in the adoption… Read more »

Climate change, Big Bang, GMOs among topics in draft science standards for Nebraska public schools

  New draft science standards call upon students to think and act like scientists, gathering data, analyzing it and communicating their results. “We’re testing this out,” said Ellen Kramer, a Millard Public Schools educator who served on the writing team for the Nebraska Department of Education. “We want to be ahead of the curve when… Read more »

Texas must implement factual science standards

The great battle of the teaching of science in Texas schools — one that has been long-fought and has recurred nearly every year often just over the wording of a single section — comes down to a single issue: to teach creationism or to teach evolution. These standards are set to decide the quality of… Read more »

The Obama administration would not let California drop its old science tests. Will Trump?

California is trying out a new science test, one that’s supposed to reflect the more hands-on and interactive approach of the Next Generation Science Standards. But under federal law, the state must continue to administer the old science test until the new one is up and running. State Supt. of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson asked… Read more »

In Elementary School Science, What’s at Stake When We Call an ‘Argument’ an ‘Opinion’?

As more teachers are using both the Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards, they will increasingly be confronted with a challenge: The standards in literacy and science—and the research literature in the two fields—disagree about when and how students learn to form arguments. In a new article for Educational Researcher, Okhee… Read more »

Alabama’s in the mainstream with a new way to teach science

(This is one of a series of stories about science in Alabama appearing each Wednesday on Science teaching is changing across America, and Alabama is changing how it teaches science, too. But will the changes be enough or too much? Dr. Bruce Alberts, a biochemist who headed the National Academy of Sciences and edited… Read more »

Science’s war of words reaches truce

AUSTIN — Conservatives are claiming victory in a state education board decision to streamline controversial evolution-related biology standards, and as it turns out, liberals seem equally pleased. A left-leaning watchdog group, the Texas Freedom Network, in a statement said the streamlined standards would “… no longer include misleading requirements designed to undermine the teaching of… Read more »

Idaho View: Why take Idaho’s legislators so seriously? We don’t

This appeared in the Lewiston Tribune: Another national publication has taken Idaho’s Legislature seriously. The fools. This time, it’s the Weather Channel, which contends Idaho lawmakers stand alone among their colleagues in deep-sixing the teaching of human-caused climate change in the public schools. Elsewhere, legislatures in six states—Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Oklahoma, West Virginia and Wyoming—were… Read more »

Our Turn: The importance of teaching evidence-based science

The New Hampshire Science Teachers Association strongly supports the New Hampshire Board of Education’s decision in 2016 to adopt the Next Generation Science Standards as the New Hampshire College and Career Ready Science Standards and urges our policy makers to stay the course. NHSTA teachers worked for years learning about, reviewing, suggesting changes and advancing… Read more »