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Illinois Board of Ed Votes to Adopt NGSS

On Thur, Jan 23, the Illinois state board of education voted unanimously to adopt the Next Generation Science Standards. A review by a legislative committee is needed to formalize the vote, but all indications are that the state will become the 10th to adopt behind Rhode Island, Kentucky, Kansas, Maryland, Vermont, California, Delaware, Washington, and… Read more »

District of Columbia Adopts the NGSS

In an 8-0 vote on Dec. 18, the Washington DC Board of Education voted to adopt the Next Generation Science Standards, bringing the total count of adopting states to 9. Adopting states include Rhode Island, Kentucky, Kansas, Maryland, Vermont, California, Delaware, Washington, and the District of Columbia. David Evans, NSTA Executive Director, gave testimony to the DC Board in November urging them to adopt… Read more »

Panel Recommends New Breed of Assessments for Science Learning (Ed Week Blog Post)

Ed Week’s Catherine Gewertz blogged today about the new assessment report being released today from the NRC. Laying out a new vision for science assessments, a panel of the National Research Council Tuesday proposed that states design testing systems that integrate several key types of science learning, and blend classroom-based assessments with state-level “monitoring” tests… Read more »

New Report on Assessment for the Next Generation Science Standards

The National Research Council is expected to release a new report on Tuesday, December 17 on Assessment for the Next Generation Science Standards. The report will draw on available techniques and current knowledge of assessment and will recommend strategies for developing new assessments that can accurately measure students’ proficiency with the new standards. NSTA will… Read more »

NSTA Curators Begin Work to Identify Resources Supporting the NGSS

Over the summer, NSTA put out a call to science educators interested in serving on an expert team to identify resources for science teachers to implement the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). A whopping 650 motivated individuals applied. In October, NSTA named 55 of them as NGSS@NSTA Curators and they began their work to identify… Read more »

Oregon science teachers have plenty of time to switch to ‘next generation’ science teaching

On October 24-26, more than 3,000 teachers convened in Portland, OR, for the NSTA regional conference and a popular topic of discussion was the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Keynote speaker Stephen Pruitt from Achieve addressed attendees with the message that teachers will have plenty of time before they are expected to teach to the… Read more »

Kentucky: A Step Closer to Full Adoption of the NGSS

The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) are moving closer to full adoption in Kentucky despite legislative hick-ups along the way. Most recently, on Oct. 15, Kentucky’s Interim Joint Committee on Education decided not to address the issue of their adoption. According to WFPL radio in Louisville, the committee could have brought the issue forward—and still… Read more »

NGSS: Five Ways Science Classes Will Change

LiveScience writer Michael Dhar’s article on the Next Generation Science Standards provides a comprehensive overview of the NGSS and five things educators love or hate about the new standards. Read the article to learn more.

Washington State Poised to Adopt NGSS

According to the Seattle Times, Governor Jay Inslee and State Superintendent Randy Dorn are expected to announce today Washington state’s adoption of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Washington will be the eighth state to adopt, behind Rhode Island, Kentucky, Kansas, Maryland, Vermont, California, and Delaware. Click here to read Seattle Times news article.