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Common Core backlash won’t stop new science standards

A number of school districts in Wisconsin are not waiting for  state lawmakers to make a decision on state science standards and are beginning to use the Next Generation Science Standards. Some school districts in Green Bay are using the new standards to develop new curriculum, saying “instructors can’t teach today’s students using guidelines written more… Read more »

Kentucky Schools in Early Stages of NGSS Implementation

TV station WDRB in Louisville, KY, explores the work of science teachers in Jefferson County Public Schools who are in the early stages of implementing the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). According to middle school teacher Amy Strite, teachers will be “much more explicit in making connections to previous learning — connections to these cross-cutting… Read more »

In coal country, Gillette schools test new science standards

In the middle of a political battle over science standards in Wyoming, one school district is training teachers in the types of higher-level thinking outlined by the Next Generation Science Standards. According to an article in Wyoming’s Star Tribune, “about 30 teachers in grades three through six built a new science curriculum using the Next… Read more »

State Legislators Attempt to Halt Adoption of the NGSS

Recent news articles highlight political attempts to derail new science standards because of science content, such as climate change. In March, Wyoming’s legislature passed a bill preventing the Department of Education from spending money to review or adopt the NGSS despite a unanimous recommendation of the state’s standards revision committee (made up of Wyoming educators) to adopt the… Read more »

NSTA Urges Ohio Educators to Contact State Legislators to Support NGSS; Say “No” to HB 487

On May 20, a key piece of legislation (HB 487) which would prohibit the state from adopting science and social studies standards not developed in Ohio was approved by a Senate committee.   HB 487 “blocks future adoption of nationally-developed standards in subjects such as science and social studies by preventing state officials from entering… Read more »

NSTA’s Ted Willard Featured on Education Talk Radio

Implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) was the topic of discussion during the May 19 edition of Education Talk Radio, and internet-based radio program. Host Larry Jacobs welcomed Ted Willard, NSTA’s program director for NGSS@NSTA. Ted talked about the new science standards and how they were developed, explored how they are different from earlier… Read more »

Business Leaders Sign Pledge to Support NGSS and Common Core State Standards

On May 16 during a two-day summit, 26 companies signed a pledge stating they will help advance STEM education and advocate for the Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards. The summit was hosted by Change the Equation, a Washington-based coalition of business leaders promoting STEM education. Click here to read the pledge Click here to… Read more »

For Science Standards, Begin at the Beginning

In a commentary in the April 14 edition of Education Week, Kim A. Kastens and Abigail Jurist Levy from the Education Development Center in Waltham, MA, suggest using a structured, staged approach to implementation of the NGSS. Their recommendation is to “introduce the science standards initially in a school’s earliest grade—whether it’s kindergarten or 1st… Read more »

Museums Step Up as Resource for New Science Standards

Museums and science centers are gearing up to be an important resource for teachers working to implement the Next Generation Science Standards. According to an April 11 article in Education Week, “some educators say that professional-development sessions held at museums…—unlike those at conference centers, universities, or districts—give teachers immediate access to the kinds of hands-on… Read more »