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Idaho View: Why take Idaho’s legislators so seriously? We don’t

This appeared in the Lewiston Tribune: Another national publication has taken Idaho’s Legislature seriously. The fools. This time, it’s the Weather Channel, which contends Idaho lawmakers stand alone among their colleagues in deep-sixing the teaching of human-caused climate change in the public schools. Elsewhere, legislatures in six states—Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Oklahoma, West Virginia and Wyoming—were… Read more »

Our Turn: The importance of teaching evidence-based science

The New Hampshire Science Teachers Association strongly supports the New Hampshire Board of Education’s decision in 2016 to adopt the Next Generation Science Standards as the New Hampshire College and Career Ready Science Standards and urges our policy makers to stay the course. NHSTA teachers worked for years learning about, reviewing, suggesting changes and advancing… Read more »

NGSS Issues Lessons Learned

Start with a small cohort of teachers; provide professional learning opportunities to all teachers; include school leaders in the training. Those are some of the more obvious best practices tied to professional development for teachers learning how to teach to the Next Generation Science Standards, shared in a new guide published by NGSS. But what… Read more »

New Science Standards Raise Hopes for Narrowing Achievement Gap

Kindergarten teacher Micaela Morse shows her students parts of a goldfish as part of the new science standards. Morse teaches at International Community School in Oakland. As California rolls out new K-12 science standards, some educators believe the new curriculum will spark a love of science and boost test scores among African Americans and Latinos,… Read more »

Idaho Ed Leaders Hear Comments on Science Standards

Six proposed education rules are up for debate, but one is causing the biggest stir: what student will learn about science. On April 11 in Twin Falls, the Idaho Department of Education held the first in a series of six public meetings across the Gem State to gather feedback from educators, parents and community members. Proposed… Read more »

NH State Board and Ed Commissioner Clash on Science Standards

When New Hampshire Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut was appointed to his post in January, the Republican politician assured critics that whatever his personal beliefs, he would consider himself “the implementation guy” for an agenda largely dictated by others. At a recent State Board of Education meeting, the new commissioner was sharply reminded of his circumscribed… Read more »

Climate Change Deletion Finalized in Idaho

The Idaho House of Representatives voted 56-9 to adopt Senate Concurrent Resolution 121 on March 24, 2017, thus finalizing the legislature’s decision to delete five standards — those discussing climate change and human impact on the environment — from a proposed new set of state science standards for Idaho. As NCSE previously reported, the House… Read more »

Achieve Publishes Guide for Districts to Help with Implementation of NGSS

To successfully implement the Next Generation Science Standards, districts should establish a science leadership team, ensure that teachers and school leaders get high-quality professional learning, and collaborate with other districts, according to new guidelines from Achieve. The group, which led the development of the standards, recently released a document outlining 13 “implementation indicators” districts can aim… Read more »

NM Govenor Vetoes Bill to Set New Science Standards in State Law

To the surprise of no one who’s been following the long, winding road to updating the science taught in New Mexico’s schools, Gov. Susana Martinez vetoed a measure designed to force the adoption of new standards. House Bill 211 would have required the state to adopt the Next Generation Science Standards, nationally vetted benchmarks for… Read more »

Engineering Making Headway in Schools, Analysis Shows

Engineering is getting more attention in classrooms, especially in those states that have adopted the Next Generation Science Standards, according to an analysis of national test data. The NGSS, which were finalized in April 2013, emphasize engineering and design in ways that many previous state standards did not. Change the Equation, a nonprofit group that… Read more »