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Forum on the Road: Checking In on Next Generation Science Standards

Listen to this special forum by KQED radio that gives an update on the Next Generation Science Standards, how they are changing what goes on in the classroom, and what the challenges are to implementation. (please note a news segment leads the program) Guests: Rob Semper, executive associate director and director of Program, Exploratorium; member, National… Read more »

Norwalk High Chemistry Teacher Finds Winning Formula

Norwalk (Connecticut) High School teacher Samantha DeMatteo is on a quest to make chemistry less scary, teaching hands-on lessons with real-world applications. She’s teaching her students about stains and how to most effectively remove them using different cleaning products. DeMatteo distributed T-shirts stained with chocolate, hot sauce and tea and asked students to determine why… Read more »

Science Curriculum Reviews Are Out, and Results Aren’t Great

The first independent review to weigh whether new science curriculum series are truly aligned to a set of national standards was issued this morning—and mostly, the materials fell well short of expectations. Four of the series—Discovery’s Science Techbook, Carolina Biological Supply Company’s Science and Technology Concepts, and two versions of Teachers’ Curriculum Institute’s Bring Science… Read more »

NGSS Science Promotes Phenomena-Based Learning

An emerging science concept called phenomena-based learning—backed by the NGSS—taps into students’ natural desire to make sense of their world. This approach encourages students to observe natural phenomena, such as a rising tide or a glass shattered by sound. They can then investigate why it occurs. Students also learn that the approach mirrors how actual scientists… Read more »

Long Game: Inside the Carnegie Corporation’s Quest to Improve Science Education

A nonprofit working on open-source curriculum that aligns with state standards is the latest development in the Carnegie Corporation of New York’s 10-year effort to improve science education in the United States. OpenSciEd, the new nonprofit, and the decade-long journey that led to its founding lend insight into how one of the oldest foundations in… Read more »

California Students May Not Be Ready For New Science Test

In March California students will start to be tested on the state’s new science standards for the first time, but with little instruction in the subject in elementary school and few aligned textbooks they aren’t likely to be ready. The state had to develop the new test aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards, adopted in… Read more »

Phenomena-Based Approaches Transform Interest in Natural ‘Mysteries’ Into Understanding

In the February 20 issue of Education Dive, writer Lauren Barack explores the use of phenomena to support science understanding of natural “mysteries.” Turning interest into understanding is a critical component of engaging students in their educations. Phenomena-based learning fits into this mission by having students observe something in nature and delve into the processes… Read more »

Baraboo (Wisconsin) Elementary Students Engage With Hands-on Science

It took about five years to develop and implement a new elementary science curriculum, but now Baraboo’s youngest students are making observations and actively seeking information themselves. Developed largely by retired Baraboo teacher and now education consultant Karen Mesmer, the curriculum focuses on hands-on activities that are meant to allow children to explore rather than… Read more »

PA Educators Want Science Standards to do More Than Teach Students to Win on Jeopardy!

Soon after students settled into their seats, Jeff Remington directed them to begin downloading an application on their school-issued iPads that would teach them about the language – called coding – that tells computers what to do. Then he flipped on an 8-minute video explaining why coding is something the Palmyra Middle School students should… Read more »