Imagine you have to take a big state science test. It’s full of questions about life science, earth science, physics and chemistry.

But wait — you haven’t taken all those courses in high school yet.

That’s what some high school students and younger kids, in Kern County and across the state, may face when they take the new online California Science Test for the first time this spring. It comes after the state passed new Next Generation Science Standards in 2013.

West High science teacher and department chairwoman Carrie Newman said one of the biggest challenges with the new assessment is it tests students in all the sciences. The Kern High School District requirement is only two years of science, so many students don’t go on to take physics or chemistry.

“It’s a little troublesome because they’re taking a test on subjects most of them haven’t taken classes in,” Newman said. “It’s unfair to expect them to know everything.”

Click here to read the full story in The Record (Bakersfield, CA, April 4, 2019)




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