University of Kansas researchers designed a curriculum unit to engage nearly 400 ninth-grade biology students in learning about scientific argumentation through social media use with their teachers and classmates. Argumentation is a key element of both “Next Generation Science Standards” and “Common Core State Standards.”

The project and publications grew out of a National Science Foundation grant to the university’s Center for Research on Learning (CRL). As part of the grant project, researchers worked with teachers and administrators in several urban and suburban Midwestern schools to teach students about Next Generation Science Standards for scientific argumentation, including asking questions, analyzing and interpreting data, engaging an argument from evidence, constructing explanations and obtaining, evaluating and communicating information, all via Twitter and Skype with their classmates and teachers.



Students not only demonstrated that they learned scientific argumentation better than their peers. The book chapter outlines how students who were not comfortable with making verbal arguments in class, such as individuals with autism spectrum disorders or those with social skill deficiencies, reported that they were more comfortable making arguments via social media as well.

Click here to read the full story on Feedspot website (September 13, 2017)

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