Deep in the woods at the rustic U.C. Berkeley Forestry Camp in Meadow Valley, Calif., Rob Wade was hosting a series of all-day, comprehensive science education seminars for dozens of K-6 teachers with the Plumas Unified School District.

School would begin in a few days and the teachers were gladly giving up some of their summer vacation Aug. 14 through 18 to be part of this in-depth training with Wade, PUSD’s outdoor education coordinator. They were preparing for the Next Generation Science Standards that are fast becoming required learning nationwide.

The afternoon’s guest speaker was Sara Church of Lake Almanor, an environmental education expert who taught elementary school in San Diego for 37 years. Church shared tips on using the state-approved Education and the Environment Initiative Curriculum to teach environment-based lessons in science, history-social studies and English language arts.

“I loved opening my classroom every day,” Church told her fellow teachers. “And what you will love about working with the Next Generation Science standards and EEI Curriculum is how well they foster the process of discovery in your students.”

Click here to read the full story in the Plumas County News (September 7, 2017)

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