The New Hampshire Science Teachers Association strongly supports the New Hampshire Board of Education’s decision in 2016 to adopt the Next Generation Science Standards as the New Hampshire College and Career Ready Science Standards and urges our policy makers to stay the course.

NHSTA teachers worked for years learning about, reviewing, suggesting changes and advancing instruction with the NGSS. After an exhaustive review process, most districts in our state were already witnessing how the NGSS minimum standards raise the bar for science education across the grade levels.

The newly adopted standards do not define curriculum, but aim toward rigorous science learning for all students. The NGSS science practices define explicit skills that are important to all scientific methods and disciplines. “The science practices encompass the habits and skills that scientists and engineers use (every day) . . . content and practices are intertwined in the standards… just as they are in today’s workplace” (NGSS Lead States, 2013). The NGSS were meticulously developed involving multiple stakeholders in science education across the United States. They included Nobel laureates, university scientists, teachers across grade levels, community members and policy makers. The adoption of NGSS as New Hampshire’s science standards strengthens our public education system.

The newly adopted New Hampshire science standards are broad but rigorous, internationally benchmarked and encourage local schools to further develop and strengthen their K-12 curricula. NHSTA, along with teachers across New Hampshire, believe these science standards will serve and challenge our students well into the future. They will also prepare our students to be scientifically informed citizens and tomorrow’s STEM professionals.

Click here to read the full story in the Concord Monitor (April 27, 2017)

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