PeacockDr. Jeremy Peacock, a regional science content specialist in Georgia, president of the Georgia Science Teachers Association, and an NGSS@NSTA Curator wrote an opinion piece for the Atlanta Journal Constitution addressing the need to upgrade the state’s science standards. He highlights the research that is the basis of a revised draft of the standards now open for input, and encourages educators to get involved to support the standards by reviewing and commenting on them.

“The Georgia Science Teachers Association believes the time has come for our science teachers, business leaders, and community members to revisit our science standards in a process designed to move toward a vision for science education that best serves our students and our state.”

“The state Department of Education has begun a process to review and revise the science standards. Superintendent Richard Woods has a solid plan in place.  The survey, open now to science teachers, will lead into a revision process that will include classroom teachers, higher education faculty, business partners, and community members.  GSTA strongly supports these efforts and the objective to ensure Georgians have a voice.”

Click here to read the opinion piece in the Atlanta Journal Constitution (May 20, 2015)

Click here to visit the Georgia Science Teachers Association’s standards page for more information.

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