The West Virginia Science Teachers Association (WVSTA), an NSTA State Chapter, encourages its members to take action to support the NGSS in West Virginia science standards.  The letter to members follows:

Dear Members,

Many of you may not be aware of the changes made to the Next Generation Science Standards by the WV State Board of Education.  The executive board disagrees with changing ANY of the wording in the standards which were developed over 2 years and with the direct input of West Virginia K-12 educators, higher education faculty, scientists, government agencies (NSF, NASA), and WVDE staff.

We have several responses we recommend:

  1. Visit and read the articles to become familiar with the controversy and the statement by the board in opposition to the changes.
  2. If you also agree that the WV science standards should be restored to their original wording, please sign the online petition (we will NOT share your address or email and you can choose to hide your name).
  3. Send an e-mail to the Board at: The subject should state: “Please distribute to board members.” We suggest your message to Board members could include:  “Please replace all altered content in Policy 2520.3C (Next Generation Content Standards and Objectives for Science in West Virginia Schools) with the original peer-reviewed science standards written in part by West Virginia scientists and science educators.”

Finally, the WV Board of Education is meeting Wednesday, Jan. 14 and has placed this topic on the agenda. If you are in the area, please attend the public comment portion and demonstrate your support for the process by which West Virginia carefully developed these new science standards, and your objection to changes being made to the standards.

Thank you in advance. Your commitment to quality science education in West Virginia is greatly appreciated.



Libby Strong, President

West Virginia Science Teachers Association

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