According to an article in the Billings Gazette on Decmeber 15, Rep. John Patton from Wyoming will propose legislation allowing the Wyoming State Board of Education to adopt the Next Generation Science Standards. Republican Rep. John Patton says he wants to eliminate a budget footnote that prohibited the board from spending money to review or adopt the standards.

In March 2014, Wyoming’s legislature passed a bill preventing the Department of Education from spending money to review or adopt the NGSS despite a unanimous recommendation of the state’s standards revision committee (made up of Wyoming educators) to adopt the standards.

“What the proposed bill does is pretty straight forward and simple,” Rep. John Patton said Monday. “It simply removes Footnote No. 3 in the appropriations bill. It means the State Board of Education can continue with its work uninterrupted by the Legislature.”

Click here to read the December 16 article from the Billings Gazette.


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