A group of 46 science and math educators at the University of Wyoming recently issued a position statement urging the state board of education to reconsider its position on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The statement, “Why the Critics of the Next Generation Science Standards are Wrong,” is intended to help the board fully understand the research upon which the NGSS is based. The statement explores in depth the questions “What is science?” “What is the nature of science literacy?” and “How do students learn science?”

According to the statement, “Those of us who are involved in training teachers or providing professional development have already revised our programs to align with the NGSS and we have no intention of going back to standards that we know to be out of date and inferior. The NGSS provide the most research-based road map that exists for teachers, administrators and those of us in higher education to make these changes. The actions of the legislature and Governor Mead have denied teachers and students access to the most powerful tool available to make this happen. As a result, our students will not be as well prepared for college or the world of work as students from states who have implemented NGSS.”

Click here to read the position statement

Click here to read an article in the Wyoming Star Tribune



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