New Resource: NGSS Evidence Statements for High School

In an effort to clearly show what students should know and be able to do in order to satisfy each performance expectation (PE) in the NGSS, Achieve has released NGSS Evidence Statements for High School. The statements describe how students will use the practices, crosscutting concepts, and disciplinary core ideas together to demonstrate proficiency.  They do this by clarifying how the three dimensions could be assessed together, rather than in independent units; the underlying knowledge required for each DCI; the detailed approaches to science and engineering practices; and how crosscutting concepts might be used to deepen content- and practice-driven learning. According to Achieve, they are not meant to limit or dictate instruction or assessment and were written to allow for multiple methods and contexts of assessment, including assessing multiple related PEs together at the same time. The NGSS Evidence Statements for High School can be found here. Evidence statements for elementary and middle school are under development.

Introduce Parents to the Next Generation Science Standards

Because the Next Generation Science Standards mark a significant shift in how science is both taught and learned, parents may be curious as to what their children’s classrooms will look like. To help parents better understand the importance of standards and the role they play in education, NSTA has developed a short Q&A for parents. This tool explains what standards are in general and why the NGSS in particular are so critical for developing college and career readiness in the sciences. The Q&A is a great resource for science teachers, principals, and other administrators to distribute to and discuss with parents. This handy guide is also downloadable as a color or black-and-white PDF.

NGSS Adoption States

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